I am Candela Capitán

I AM a contemporary dancer

Candela Capitán is a contemporary dancer. She is a force of nature capable to turn movement into poetry. The Spanish artist is to blame for the current love affair between the fashion industry and contemporary dance. Candela is an urban creative part of the I AM project, an initiative curated by MAM intended to showcase the great talent of those who are making a positive impact through their hard work and inspire us every day.

Where do you live?
I am from Cadiz but right now I live in Barcelona.

How would you describe your work?
It’s my way of life. Embodying it is an essential part of my day-to-day life. It’s a celebration of our nuances, an adventure always experienced from a sensitive and elegant approach. Through my work I enter a state in which thoughts, feelings, desires and needs don’t contradict each other. It’s a supreme state of detachment.

Do you have any kind of ritual before start working and being creative? What is your work routine like?
Before getting creative on a performance I always take an hour to improvise. Depending on each work, I need to get my body into a specific state.

"The greatest pleasure is to do what you feel"

Candela Capitán

What’s your definition of time?
Time is the way that you will find joy in your life.

Which specific cause do you feel it’s especially urgent to pay attention to in order to be more sustainable?
If people don't keep sustainability in mind, we will be on the path to our own end. I recycle, move around on my bicycle and try to save as much water as I can. I hate wasting water.

When your imagination gets stuck, what do you do to boost your creativity?
Music is my true inspiration. I listen to music to get access to worlds where I feel less lost.

Which is your go-to song to kick off your creativity?
Iris by Wim Mertens

Tell us a specific art piece (and its creator) that always moves you, no matter how many times you look at it.
‘Self Unfinished’ (1998) by Xavier Le Roy.

Your happy place on Earth?
My own house with a giant studio to create and dance.

What’s your latest food obsession?
This winter I was obsessed with garlic. I added garlic to everything.

"Through my work I enter a state in which thoughts, feelings, desires and needs don’t contradict each other"

Candela Capitán

If you would have to create an inspirational quote based on your creative process what would it be?
Believe in yourself and do what you really feel all the time.

Someone you deeply admire?
Romeo Castellucci. Theatre director, playwright, artist and designer.

Any advice to all those young creative people out there trying to make it?
The greatest pleasure is to do what you feel.

Discover more about Candela by visiting her Instagram.


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