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At MAM we believe everything is a matter of balance. For us, it’s the balance between our desire of innovation and our love for nature that allows us to create the most sustainable wood watches on the market. Caravane Studio knows a thing or two about innovation, nature, and balance. Their approach to graphic design and contemporary art through handmade creativity perfectly represents the values we stand for. That’s why we are thrilled to welcome this award-winning creative duo to the I AM project.

Caravane was founded in Montreal (Canada) in 2015 by directors and art directors Jean-Constant Guigue and Francis Dakin-Côté. “We are known for our surreal imaginary visuals that make you question whether it is real or CGI, even if everything we do is always 100% hand-made! We enjoy creating dream-like images that are packed with symbols and metaphors, exploring the unknown and defying physics.”

“Time is limited, yet infinite.” It’s our job to make the most out of it.

Our beautiful wood watches are the result of an innovative process. We prioritize artistic elements of design, and the quality of the materials we choose to use for each watch. MAM channels a creative routine that, as Caravane is well aware of, is all about focus. “We like to cut ourselves off from the world, listening to music with headphones (Francis likes to listen to Bassnectar, while Jean-Constant prefers FKJ & Nicolas Cruz) and get inspired by doing research, drawing, writing. A typical day would start with discussing our plan for the day around a most needed cup of coffee. We try to get any tasks out of the way that are less interesting first, and then spend most of our time working on projects. We also try to be involved in the Montreal creative community.”

With creative schedules as busy as theirs, sometimes Francis and Jean-Constant need some time away from the drawing board in order to rejuvenate themselves and gain some new perspective. “When we’re stuck, we get out of the office to change our minds, we hang out with friends, watch a movie. We need to escape reality and come back to work with a fresh look.”

At MAM, we offer a great variety of wood watches and exchangeable straps that make it easier to get creative and adapt your watch to any style. Francis’s favourite MAM wooden watch is the PLANO 642 “I liked the fact that I could choose different options.” Jean-Constant picked the FERRA 629 “It looks like a stainless watch, but with a warmer and lightweight feel.”

Our commitment to sustainability is the value that guides each one of our steps as company. We believe the only real growth is the one that is respectful with our planet and those who live in it — a belief we strongly share with Caravane. “We think we should not see sustainability as different, self-contained causes, but as a whole. The ideal scenario would be to live in a 100% sustainable society where energy production and consumption are completely clean, where we free ourselves from plastic, stop deforestation and so on.”

"The ideal scenario would be to live in a 100% sustainable society where energy production and consumption are completely clean."

Concept, Art Direction & Post production: Caravane. Photograph: Nik Mirus

It is said that we are the people we look up to. One of Caravane’s biggest inspirations is the great Alejandro Jodorowsky. “He is a multidisciplinary creative accomplished in many fields, and although he is heavily criticized, he is passionate and ready to sacrifice anything for his art. Jodorowsky is also famously known for his surreal aesthetic and his avant-garde films which are truly inspiring to us.” Although when asked about which artist would they like to see featured in the I AM project, they choose someone a bit more personally familiar to them. “Olivier Charland. He’s a very talented creative and a good friend of ours.”

“Time is limited, yet infinite.” It’s our job to make the most out of it. So go ahead, keep going, and have faith in what you are doing. “Never give up and be patient! In the digital era, we are used to having results very fast, but when it comes to a creative career, you need to have faith and keep on going. It can be hard at times but it’s definitely worth it!” Their creative motto is simple: “Share. Love. Collaborate.” We couldn’t agree more.

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