I am Cristina Coral

I AM a visual artist

Cristina Coral is an Italian self-taught visual artist. The camera just happens to be the instrument by which she borrows from the world that surrounds her to create her mysterious world. Her enigmatic pictures are an invitation to nostalgia, to find the hidden dignity of dreams. Cristina is a creative woman part of the I AM project, an initiative curated by MAM intended to showcase the great talent of those who are making a positive impact through their hard work and inspire us every day.

Where do you live?
I live in Triest, Italy.

Do you have any kind of ritual before start working and being creative? What is your work routine like?
I don’t have a specific routine. I like searching for an inspiring location, selecting the clothes for the shooting and picking up the right model. I enjoy playing with colors, patterns, moods and details. I love finding the balance among all of those.

"Everyday life and memories seem to be the best source of inspiration."


Time is…
The moving image of eternity. It’s a quote from Platone.

When your imagination gets stuck, what do you do to boost your creativity?
Every day life and memories seem to be the best source.

Which is your go-to song to kick off your creativity?
Classics by Beethoven, Mahler or Rachmaninov.

Tell us an art piece (and its creator) that always moves you, no matter how many times you look at it.
John Keats poems are breathtaking.

Your happy place on Earth?
My countryside house, in summertime, the perfume of trees and fresh-cut grass.

What’s your latest food obsession?
Chocolate has always played a significant role in my life.

If you would have to create an inspirational quote based on your creative process what would it be?
Photography is a private act guided by sudden intuitions.

Someone you deeply admire? It can be anyone from an artist, to a politician or an activist, or a scientist.
My father, Giampaolo. He was a famous composer of contemporary classic music.

Any advice to all those young creative people out there trying to make it?
Be passionate and never stop experimenting.

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