At MAM, we believe that one of the most effective ways to change the world is by inspiring others. In MAM, we also believe that one of the best ways to inspire others is by setting a positive example, by being the change you want to see in the world. That is precisely what Dai Ruiz is doing. This Argentine illustrator represents a new generation of strong women who not only strive to change the world, but who succeed in changing it. We are tremendously proud to welcome her to the MAM ambassador family as the latest guest of MAM I AM project.

"I find it very difficult to describe my work. I can tell you how I would like it to be. I would like it to inspire freedom, whoever you are and whatever your reality may be. I want it to give you energy, like food." She achieves this goal with her illustrations, which are an ode to diversity, color, and form. They are an invitation to reach out, to embrace yourself, and to be who you are, whatever you are, whatever you feel.

Illustration for WRAP Magazine

"I would like it to inspire freedom, whoever you are and whatever your reality may be"


Dai is sort of a modern super heroine; she is always ready, illustration in hand, to fight against inequality. On her Instagram account, you can find her posters defending the rights of the oppressed, inviting everyone to download them for free and share them to join the fight for liberation. Some of her work includes art advocating for legal abortion in Argentina, nonviolence for all, and transgender rights.

Creating space for fluidity is the core secret for allowing creativity to surface. "The work process does not start the moment you sit down to draw,” says Dai. “On the contrary, that's when it ends. It is something that is formed perhaps days or weeks before; it starts in something you see on the street, a person, a phrase. Forcing that process for me is in vain. When I need to be creative, I stop trying to create. Instead, I partake in activities in which I'm just a receiver. I watch a movie, read, visit some exhibition, listen to a record." Music Dai turns to during these receptive moments includes the album Async by Ryuichi Sakamoto. The Net by author Silvina Ocampo serves as literary fuel for her personal exploration. She also finds inspiration in nature, particularly wintertime forests. “Doing this allows my senses to absorb what surrounds us."

Illustration for Netflix

Illustration for The New Yorker Magazine

Illustration for Netflix

At MAM, we have the conviction that success is directly linked to taking responsibility of the space, time, and energy in which you exist. A belief we share with Dai Ruiz: "Time is the most valuable thing we have, and being aware of the passage of time makes us responsible for it." That's why we decided to create the most sustainable wooden watches on the market. We base every last detail of a MAM watch’s design and production on care and respect for the planet, as well as the people who live in it. "It is good to know our possibilities and limitations, and within that to do our best to support and get involved in the causes that are within our reach,” Dai proclaims.

Dai’s illustrations have reached Netflix, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Lenny Letter and, as of today, MAM Originals. Our wooden watches have had the great honor of inspiring one of Dai's creations. "In MAM watches, I can see a great dedication and delicacy. I see the result of love at work. That's why I wanted to reflect the state of inspiration at the moment of working. The energy moving in the body of what we do.”

"In MAM watches, I can see a great dedication and delicacy. I see the result of love at work"


Illustration inspired by MAM PLANO 661

Be present, be patience and be kind to yourself. "I would advise everyone (myself included) to work on anxiety. The utopian internet dream where everything succeeds quickly and flourishes is not true. The exposure is a very small part of the process. You have to prioritize work, learning and making mistakes."

Find out more about the inspiring world of Dai Ruiz by visiting her Instagram and Behance.

The I AM project is an initiative curated by MAM which showcases the great talent of people who inspire us daily by making a positive impact with their hard work. Discover all of our I AM ambassadors here.


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