I am Ezequiel Pini

I am the owner and creative director of Six N. Five

Ezequiel Pini is an urban creative part of the I AM project, an initiative curated by MAM intended to showcase the great talent of those who are making a positive impact through their hard work and inspire us every day. He is the owner and creative director of Six N. Five, one of the greatest contemporary design studios in Europe. Ezequiel is a design magician; his clean, hyper-realistic creations will make you wonder if what you are staring at is an actual photography, or just a product of his refined imagination (and his incredible 3D skills). He has created a series of precious spaces inspired by MAM’s aesthetics and philosophy. We chatted with him about his work process, and the secret to being a great creative. 

Where do you live?
I currently live in Barcelona, but I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I decided to take a leap and move to Europe two years ago. I think it was the best decision I could ever made professionally speaking.

How would you describe your work?
My work is somewhat peculiar and difficult to describe. I would say I am an art director that studied Graphic Design and learned how to use 3D, an incredibly useful tool that allows me to create digital imagery as if it looks real.

“You’ll feel you won’t be able to accomplish your goals, remember this killer combo: Consistency, Confidence & Persistence”


Do you have any kind of ritual before start working and being creative? What is your work routine like?
My routine has changed since I became a father and moved to Europe (in a positive way, of course)! I’ve also started doing long-distance triathlons. These goals require me to train for long periods of time. Every day, I try to wake up early while my girls (wife and baby) are sleeping. I go outside, focus on one of the three sports within triathlons and spend some time alone with my thoughts surrounded by nature. These moments of solitude are essential for me. After I train, I go back home, take a shower and have breakfast with my family. Then I check my e-mails and ride my bike to the studio. Once I’m done with my e-mails and other administrative tasks, I start designing.

What’s your definition of time? Time is…
Something we need in order to be synchronised with others and with ourselves. I also find interesting the way time is connected to our feelings; it seems to go slow when I’m sad or bored, but it seems to fly when I’m happy.

Which specific cause related to sustainability do you feel it’s especially important to stand for right now?
As the population keeps growing, I think it’s crucial to be aware of the amount of waste we generate and how it’s treated. In South America, where I’m from, most people aren’t aware of this. Even now, most of the cities are still not prepared to process and classify waste properly.

Ezequiel Pini for MAM Originals

Six N. Five for Co-Existe

Ezequiel Pini for MAM Originals

Six N. Five

When your imagination gets stuck, what do you do to boost your creativity?
Whenever I get stuck, I stop whatever I'm doing and focus on something else. Sometimes, being over-focused on a project can make you get stuck and keeps you from finding what you are looking for. Doing something else serves as refreshment for my mind and eyes. Sports really work for me, my mind automatically switches, and therefore my energy does, too.

Which is your go -to song to kick off your creativity?
I have a very particular taste in music. I feel sort of embarrassed whenever I have to answer this question. I love Salsa, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Bachata and any rhythm from Central and South American music. I grew up around this type of music and it gives me a sensation of joy and well being that pushes me onward and upward.

Tell us about a specific art piece (and its creator) that always moves you, no matter how many times you look at it.
This may sound boring but I don’t have any specific piece. I love design in all its different forms. I admire artists. I feel moved by architecture, product design, fashion, photography and of course graphic design.

“Time is something we need in order to be synchronized with others and with ourselves. it seems to go slow when I’m sad or bored, but it seems to fly when I’m happy.”


Your happy place on Earth?
I love going the beach — those dreamy places where you are alone in front of a turquoise sea, reading a book, listening to the waves arriving on the shore without thinking about anything else. I need to take some of those trips soon!

What’s your latest food obsession?
When it comes to my food selection I am pretty traditional. Although lately I must confess that I’m crazy about Peruvian ceviche.

If you would have to create an inspirational quote based on your creative process what would it be?
Be open to the world that surrounds you in order to capture things from everything that’s going on around you. Work hard. Try. If you need a break, take it, you need it. Work hard again.

Someone you deeply admire?
I can’t choose anyone other than my parents. I was born when they were 18 years old and they had many difficulties. They taught my brother, my sister and me the value of the little things; to be thankful and be respectful. From my father, I learned what passion really means. From my mother, I learned love and kindness.

Any advice to all those young creative people out there trying to make it?
Try to implement these words every day: Passion, Dedication, Commitment, Confidence, Consistency, and Persistence. Passion is doing what you truly love. Dedicate as much time as possible to your passion with commitment. Sacrifice things that other people don’t sacrifice. Sometimes you’ll fail. You’ll feel bad. You’ll feel you won’t be able to accomplish your goals. In those moments, remember this killer combo: Consistency, Confidence & Persistence. It will take time to learn, but by the time you realise how to, you’ll already be where you wanted to be.

Follow Ezequiel on Instragram. Visit Six N. Five’s web and Instragram account to discover more about his creative world.


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