I AM Frank J. Guzzone


Frank J. Guzzone is a young creative part of the I AM project. He is a designer and art director based in Brooklyn. His 3D animations are an invitation to have fun. If we were given the chance to design our dream world, we are confident that it would look a lot like Frank’s vibrant animation.

He has created beautiful artwork inspired by MAM, featuring our FERRA 628.

What inspired you to create this piece for MAM?
I love the materials and textures used to create the simple, elegant MAM watches. For my piece, I attempted to create a minimal, surreal scene that highlighted the watch.

How would you describe your work?
Experimenting with textures, lights, and motion. If I had to describe it in three words I would say: playful, stimulating, and mellow.

Do you have any kind of ritual before you start working and being creative? What is your work routine like?
I try to listen to music whenever I’m working. I always stand when I work, it’s not for any health reasons but I find that I’m more productive if I can’t get too comfortable (like when I sit).

Time is...
The present becoming the past. Time moves way too fast.

What sustainability practices do you feel are especially important to stand for right now?
Now more than ever it’s incredibly important to recycle and dispose of waste appropriately.

When your imagination gets stuck, what do you do to boost your creativity?
If possible, the first thing is to stop working on whatever project you’re stuck on. Sometimes I’ll design something small and quick that’s completely random. It can help feel like you created something. Other times I take advantage of living in NYC and I’ll go to a gallery or museum for inspiration.

Which is your go -to song to kick off your creativity?
All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem.

What’s your latest food obsession?
I’ve been getting into ice cream recently. There’s an amazing shop near my apartment called Ample Hills - they have a rice crispy treat flavor that is incredible.

If you had to create an inspirational quote based on your creative process, what would it be?
“Never stop learning” - I know I’m not the first person to say that. But I truly believe that in order to grow creatively, you have to constantly look for new things to learn.

Someone you deeply admire?
I really admire Dieter Rams. Everything from his actual designs to his principles are simple, elegant, and timeless.

"Stay humble, don’t be rude, and put your work out there as much as you can."

Frank J. Guzzone

What artist would you like to see as part of the I AM project?
There are so many artist/photographers/designers that come to mind. Here are a few: Chris Schoonover, Reo, Doan Ly.

Any advice to all those young creative people out there trying to make it?
Stay humble, don’t be rude, and put your work out there as much as you can.

Discover more about Frank’s bold world by visiting his Instagram and website.

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