Thinking can be overrated. Sometimes feeling is all you need. As time passes, you may forget your thoughts, but you will always remember the way you felt. At MAM we know a thing or two about time. From our experience as sustainable wood watch makers, we’ve learned that the secret to living a full life is surrounding yourself with people who make you feel. That’s the reason why, one year ago, we launched the I AM Project, an initiative created to showcase and support artists and creatives who not only make us feel, but who inspire us to be better at all that we do. Friedrich Neumann, a German 3D illustrator and art director based in the up-and-coming city of Leipzig, is one of those artists. The way he plays with textures and combines elements of different mediums in such an organic way is admirable. His art perfectly represents one of MAM’s strongest beliefs: diversity makes the world a better and much more beautiful place.

For the I AM project, Friedrich created a beautiful piece inspired by the aesthetics and philosophy of MAM’s wood watches. “Because of their design, color variety, and materials, I associate MAM with holiday/relaxing feelings. I wanted to create a scene with warm reddish and brownish tones in combination with a turquoise that reminds of a refreshing beach. It was my aim to implement the watch and its varied colorways into a simple, minimalist environment - matching the design language of MAM and also to drag the maximum attention to each of them.” One of the main pillars of our philosophy is the belief that simplicity fosters beauty. Friedrich seems to agree. “I really like the minimalism and the materials of the black PLANO 642. I primarily wear dark colors, so it should be a good combination.”

“Because of their design, color variety, and materials, I associate MAM with relaxing feelings"

Friedrich’s work is “colorful, sometimes weird, sometimes with a hidden joke - combining abstract shapes with architectural elements, surreal objects with interior.” Oftentimes, his work can veer so far into the abstract that you may not be able to fully make sense of what you're looking at. But it doesn't matter - Friedrich's creations evoke intense feeling. His penchant for evocation has helped bring his artwork to a wider audience, most recently as a feature among the Illustration and Photoshop picks of Behance.

What would beauty be without a future in which to enjoy it, without a future to look forward to together? We’re deeply committed not only to enjoying the beauty of our planet Earth in the present, but also taking care of it for generations to come. When asked about his thoughts on sustainability, Friedrich states: “One of the biggest and most obvious problems we have these days is the undue usage of synthetics. Of course, we should avoid plastic packaging as far as possible. Unfortunately there are tons of products on the market which are covered in plastic 2-3 times - for no reason. Consequently the planet is becoming increasingly polluted every day. I really admire companies that are drawing attention to it by avoiding the use of synthetics. I think it is an awesome statement by MAM to renounce the use of plastic entirely. It is absolutely important to always keep in mind that our planet is limited in its natural resources. We should respect that.”

While we can’t always control creativity, we certainly can feed her. “I try to learn new things. That’s essential for getting in touch with new ideas. Besides design, music would be my next obsession. I really love abstract music, like minimal or techno. I am not a fan of lyrics describing any emotion or feeling. Abstract sounds giving me a lot of space for interpretation. That’s what I enjoy.”

Although a frequently reiterated concept, it is quite true that details really make the difference in life. In MAM’s case, that difference has led us to create some of the most beautiful and sustainable wood watches on the market today. In Friedrich’s case, the difference stands out in each one of his amazingly crafty 3D creations. “Pay attention to the details in your everyday life. Do the same with your creative work," he states, emphasizing the importance of focusing on fine-tuning one's self expression.

"I really admire companies that are committed to sustainability by avoiding the use of synthetics. I think it is an awesome statement by MAM to renounce the use of plastic entirely"

Friedrich wearing his favourite MAM watch, the PLANO 642

Improve yourself, but also take care of yourself. “Do your thing, that means whatever you want. As long as it is your passion. Do not stuck on one point, try new or different things and be interested in improving your skills. And the most important point, do not forget to relax at the end of the day – recharge your battery.”

Find out more about the exciting world of Friedrich Neumann by visiting his Instagram and Behance.

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